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Scott Campbell

Palm Desert, CA


Scott Campbell Photography a Palm Springs California based Photographer.

Scott Campbell has been in shooting fine art photography since 1984 and in business as a professional photographer since 2003. Scott Campbell is a galleried, juried, award winning fine art photographer. Scott has also been a jury member judge for the USA's top fine arts festival, La Quinta Arts Festival, since 2005. Many of the images you see on Fine Art America have won fine art photography awards and been seen in various shows. Additionally Scott Campbell Photography is an all inclusive photography studio covering commercial photography, portraits to events. Scott Campbell has a BFA in Photography, a CS degree and has also spent 13 years working for corporations such as Microsoft, Visio and ESRI in sales and marketing at the director level.

Scott's Photography Philosophy

Whether photographing a commercial shoot, location/personality portrait, corporate events, glamour/fashion or fine art, every subject tells a story and every moment is rife with feelings. Scott's philosophy and art is to photographically capture these stories and those feelings as images in light by using state-of-the-art photography equipment, a combination of photography styles and techniques all supported by fine arts degree and over 25 years creative experience.

If my subject is comfortable and having fun, their images always turn out beautiful. Giving someone the room, environment and interaction to truly feel at ease is one of Scott's hallmark specialties for which Scott receives compliments at almost every shoot. It is both one of the most challenging aspects of photography and probably the most personally fulfilling tasks Scott can take on.

Collaboration. Many photographers take over creative control. Personally, Scott finds this to be limiting. Everyone involved in a photo-shoot has something valuable to say. No idea is a bad idea. Listening to and incorporating my client’s thoughts and ideas always delivers a better product. Plus, collaborating on a project is a heck of a lot more fun for everyone than being an island. No man is an island.

Fun, such a simple word, and yet a word that has so much meaning to everything we do, if we let it. Have fun.


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